The First Tee of the Tri-Valley’s Golf and Life Skills Experience introduces the game of golf and its inherent life skills to youth between the ages of 7-17. Our Certified Instructors expose participants to fundamental golf and life skills that promote character development and life-enhancing values.

The Life Skills Experience is divided into five core levels: PLAYer, Par, Birdie, Eagle and Ace. All participants new to the program start at the PLAYer Level and progress through more advanced levels. Participants complete levels by demonstrating their ability to meet the guidelines of each level of the program. In addition to the five core levels, there are two supplemental levels: PLAYer Certified and Par Certified allowing participants more time to focus on golf and life skills preparing them for the Par and Birdie levels respectively.

There are NO certification requirements for our TARGET level participants. TARGET level participants may enter the PLAYer level the year the year they turn 7.

The program is self-paced, encouraging participants to explore and assess their abilities and goals while meeting the established requirements at each level. This Progression Chart outlines the requirements for participants to be certified to move through each level in the program. At the end of each season participants are given formal assessments which the instructors use to determine the recommendations for the next season. The criteria that have been set for advancement at each level are outlined below. In addition, we have also included recommendations for practice regimen outside of the time spent at class and rounds of golf played and posted for participants at specific levels of the program. Golf is the most challenging sport you can learn and requires years of dedication and commitment. Coming once a week to the LSE classes is not enough to steadily progress through the levels. Golf requires as much if not more time than you put into your soccer, baseball/softball, swimming, gymnastics, or any other activity you are involved in. The good news is GOLF is a skill that will last you a lifetime. You will be able to play at all levels throughout your scholastic years, your business career, and your recreational life. This is truly a game for a Lifetime, so enjoy the journey!